Thursday, March 14, 2002

SATAN SUM, NIHIL RANDIAN ME ALIENUM PUTO: Why Satanism is not Objectivism. A critical must-read.
LINKMANIA: Here's a rich trove of resources. First, some humor--Objectivist Pickup Lines, and two jokes. I, uh, can't really vouch for the har-har potential of these links, but there they are.

A general Objectivism reference site, which also includes a page of links to criticism.

A vast tome criticizing Rand's epistemology. Unsurprisingly, I have not read this. The same guy has other things I haven't read, including an essay on Rand's misunderstanding of the concept of "sacrifice." And he's got a whole page of essays on Objectivist epistemology, which, go figure, I have not read.

Ethical objections to Objectivism--another batch of stuff I haven't read.

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